Bob Foster’s Panther – Vinyl Wrap

Bob Foster sent over some photos and details about his Panther vinyl wrap that is now complete.  Bob’s Panther is the LS version and powered by a Lycoming O-235 and a Sensenich fixed pitch propeller. He had a company called Sparper Images use a product called Avery Supreme SW900 on the plane.  The colors he […]

New Panther Born!

Stephen Pedano has launched another Panther to the skies, this being Steve’s second Panther build. This kit was originally being built by Bob Woolley- and Steve took over the build when Bob passed. Here are some photos that he shared with us. Congratulations Steve! This is a great accomplishment and we are very happy for […]

Engine Mounting in Kentucky

We got a note this morning from builder Myron Callaham from Bowling Green, KY along with some photos of his rebuilt Lycoming O-235 being hung on his Panther SN098. Myron says – “Finally, Lycoming O-235 mounted on 098.  A good day, hope to make noise soon.  No idea why my friend, Gary, is so happy.  […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your friends at Sport Performance Aviation!  We will be closed on Dec. 25th for Christmas Day and Jan. 1st for New Years Day and re-opening on the 4th for normal business hours.  Please feel free to call 904-626-7777 or email with any questions.  We are here […]

Hangar Talk in Texas

We got a quick note from Panther builder Mark Kiedrowski from Spicewood, TX along with a few photos. “Last night I had the local Panther builders over for a few cold ones, to discuss project updates and talk about engines and other plane options, etc.     All fun hanger talk.” Builders ( Left to […]

Dan Heath’s Panther LS Maiden Flight – UL Power 350iSA

Dan Heath had the extreme pleasure of piloting the maiden flight in his Panther and shared this awesome video below with us.  Dan Heath lives in Lexington, SC and has Panther SN020.  He has powered his Panther with the UL Power 350iSA engine and Whirlwind 3 blade propeller.  Congratulations to Dan for his accomplishment and […]

Panther Flight Video from Jimmy Miller

Panther Sport builder Jimmy Miller sent over a video from his dash cam in his Panther SN071 powered by a Lycoming O-320 and a CATTO 3 blade propeller.  Look at how much fun he is having up there!  He said “a lot of cleaning to do on the belly when I got back :)”

Maiden Flight – Jim Hurdle from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 1 comment

Jim Hurdle from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho sent a note with some photos about his first flight in his Panther SN028 powered by a Continental O-200 and a Sensenich wood prop. Jim Hurdle – Builder/pilot Panther 028 Continental O-200 100 HP Sensenich 68 dia x 64 pitch wooden propeller GRT Sport SX EFIS GRT EIS engine […]

Marc Loftin Panther Sport Wing Build

Here is a video from Marc Loftin that is a time lapse of his Panther Sport wing build. Marc originally purchased his kit with the LSA wing option and then decided to convert to the Sport – and did the mods himself (vs buying new skins from SPA). This is a great video to show […]

AirVenture 2020 – Catching up with Bob Metcalfe

Here is a note and a video from Bob Metcalfe. “I am Bob Metcalfe and live in Flint Hill VA, just 74 miles west of Washington DC with the Blue Ridge Mountains as my front yard. My Panther serial # 116 is a Sport model taildragger and I will use a Lycoming O-320 engine. I […]

AirVenture 2020 – Catching up with Marc Loftin

Here is a video from Marc Loftin from SoCal with his Panther SN101.  He is building it as a Sport model with a Titan IOX-340 as the power plant.  Check out his remedy for staying cool in the hot California summer heat!      

AirVenture 2020 – Catching up with Kevin Ross

Here is a video from Kevin Ross from Granbury, TX where he and his wife Karla have built their Panther SN091 Tri-Gear LS powered by a Lycoming O-320 and a 3 blade Ground Adjustable Sensenich propeller.  Kevin did a great job showing us his project and talking about performance, unique qualities and why he chose […]